While we're applying for your visas your passport's going to be spending most of its time in embassies. And it's not easy to get them out at short notice. Even if you've told us about the holiday in advance, it'll delay your applications to send your passport back prematurely and then wait for you to get it back to us. Best thing is to take any holidays before sending us your passport. But there might be other reasons for needing your passport on a regular basis – you might need it for work.

If you travel with work you might be eligible to get a second passport, allowing you to travel on one while we get your visas on the other.

If you cannot get a second passport and you need your passport back once or twice while we're applying for your visas, make sure you allow for the time you need it back for, posting to and from our office plus one week for each time you need it. There'll be an extra postage fee for it, which we can add to your account.

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